Concrete Laitance

Concrete Laitance

What Is Concrete Laitance ?

Concrete Laitance is a major cause of failure in flooring installations.

Laitance is the weak, milky or powdery layer of cement dust, lime and sand fines that appear on the surface of concrete.
The proper curing of concrete is very important

Laitance becomes a problem when you plan to add a coating to the surface be it paint or any of the harder wearing surfaces available. No matter what you apply to your surface it will not successfully bond if the Laitance has not been removed and the surface properly prepared. Constant traffic, car tires, trolley wheels and so on will cause the laitance to move and the coating to lift.

Until the Laitance has been removed by either diamond grinding or other mechanical means the surface should not be coated.
Removing Laitance is critical to the success of your concrete floor coating.

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