Decorative Flake Systems – A Simple walk through our process for decorative flake system

Decorative Flake System

• The concrete floor is inspected and checked for faults such as concrete laitance, chips, and cracks as well as hardness and moisture level.
• When any repairs and or adjustments necessary are completed the surface is dry Diamond Ground. During this process, a super-strong vacuum system ensures a minimum amount of        dust escapes.
• Once the floor is through vacuumed of concrete dust a Polyurea primer basecoat coat is applied with the appropriate colour tint for the required finish.
• This is followed by the decorative chip.
• Then the top coat and non-slip additive if required.
• Finally we depart with the area looking much better than when we arrived.
• Plus…we leave NO MESS
This is a basic look at how the process works, there are slight variations depending on which system is chosen.