Diamond Coat

Do you like the look of polished concrete but not sure which way to go. You can have the same look with an alternate process.

Polished concrete is a long process involving many hours including more than ten grinding and polishing stages using various grades of grit and the application of a densifier and a stain guard sealer.

Chemical densifiers are applied to both polished and non-polished concrete floors to try and seal them against liquids and reduce dusting. In a nutshell a concrete densifier is a chemical hardener which acts as a pore filler.

Polished concrete takes 2-3 days depending on the size of the floor or the area of concrete to be polished.

Polished concrete if done properly with no quality shortcuts is not only time consuming but costly.

With a Diamond coat system from iCOAT you can achieve a similar look with the added benefit of 100% UV stability, low maintenance, chemical and stain resistance, non-porous and no waxing or refinishing required. Plus, it is longer wearing and all for a fraction of the time and cost of polished concrete.

The iCOAT Diamond coat system is fast and relatively simple. Depending on concrete hardness it is ground with 30-50-80 grit metal bond diamonds and then with a 120 Grit metal bond diamond, to remove scratches.

If the concrete is porous or pitted a grout coat is applied and this is optional.

The third step includes grinding with 120 grit resin bond diamonds to remove final scratches. Most applications do not require more than the 120 grit level and there is no difference in the look or adhesion.

The fourth and final step sees the application of 2-3 coats of Polyurea 1 or Polyurea 2 Ultra, with or without maximum UDP loading depending on desired gloss level. Further coats can be applied with a lower UDP depending on the amount of heavy use predicted.

After 24 hours of the final topcoat being applied the floor can return to full service.

Due to its unique chemical makeup and the manufacturing process the iCOAT Polyurea coating provides exceptional protection and a crystal-clear finish. It is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and caustic materials. Low odour and minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content allow for interior applications where high gloss, chemical and abrasion resistant finishes.

To sum up the iCOAT Polyurea Diamond Coat system is the fastest polished concrete alternative on the market. It can be applied direct to concrete without fear of delamination. It is easy to maintain and available in Gloss, Satin or Matt and anti- slip.