Can You Coat areas other than your garage floor?


Many clients contact us up to 12 months from coating their garage floor to discuss extending the coverage to the remainder of the house or selected areas.

Because iCOAT coating systems are so good people soon realise there are quite a few benefits from installing inside the house.

The cost of installing high quality carpet can range from $50 to $200 plus per metre and then it needs constant care and cleaning. With an iCOAT coating it is easy to maintain and looks fantastic with scatter rugs that can be updated for a different look anytime.

Timber flooring, tiles and other forms can have ongoing care, repair and maintenance issues that just do not exist when you install iCOAT Polyurea coatings.

iCOAT Polyurea is very shall we say Temperature Tolerant, it does not transfer cold from concrete and is cool in summer. At the same time they experience how the finish feels under foot, it’s very comfortable. So YES we can apply our coating systems pretty much any concrete surface.