What Is Hot Tyre Lift?

Hot Tyre Lift

The issue of car tires pulling sealer from concrete is referred to ‘Hot Tire Lift”. Most people assume that the hot tires are melting the sealer and causing it to peel.

Heat is a factor in the cause, but the sealer is not melting. Once the tires start to cool they contract and literally pull at the surface of the coating.

One of the main causes is using poor-quality epoxy coating. Using cheap water based epoxy kits is often the problem. These kits have a very low tolerance for heat: the epoxy can soften and delaminate under the weight of a tire that is contracting during cooling. It can then stick to the tire and then pull right off next time the vehicle is moved.

The other and no less important factor contributing to hot tire lift is poor preparation of the surface prior to application of the coating. iCOAT applicator experts grind the surface to a point where the coating has the best opportunity to adhere well to the concrete and the very best coating is the iCOAT Polyurea. iCOAT Polyurea adhesion qualities are proven to be superior to epoxy and at up to 20 times stronger and harder plus 98% more flexible than epoxy it is a safe bet you might say.

Let’s face it we only want to pay once and have the job done properly.