Top Five Reasons to Coat Your Concrete Floor

Top 5 Reasons

If left unprotected, concrete floors can be exposed to a number of damaging elements, such as heavy traffic, chemical, acids, cleaning products and food, which cause the floor to become unsafe, unhygienic and unsightly. One way to prevent this occurring is to coat the concrete with a solid coating. Here are five top reasons why you should coat your concrete floor.

1. Chemical resistance

Concrete floors can be exposed to a number of chemicals and acids, depending on the environment.

In commercial kitchens and bars, floors are exposed to hot oils and fats, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Hospitals and school floors are also subject to harsh cleaning chemicals. Garage floors are exposed to dripping oil and petrol.

All of these chemicals and acids are damaging to unprotected concrete, and over time will cause it to corrode, and in some cases permanently stain.
iCOAT floor coating systems are designed to be resistant to most chemicals.

2. Durability

When it comes to selecting a flexible and durable material which protects the surface of your concrete then Polyurea is the smart choice.

This technically advanced floor coating system has changed the industry forever. No longer do you need to shut down your business for days or move the family elsewhere for a week whilst the floor cures and the toxic smell dissipates.

Polyurea coatings not only look incredible, last longer and dry quicker than anything that’s similar, they add value to your property.

When a product this good, comes in styles and colours to suit all levels of taste, you just have to be impressed. Polyurea is just as comfortable on a small patch of floor as it is spreading its technical wings over a vast industrial area.

iCOAT Polyurea coatings are 98% more flexible and up to 20 times stronger than epoxy coatings.

If you are looking for a fast cure time, extreme durability and a range of styles and colours that will leave you utterly astonished then Polyurea is the concrete floor coating for you.

3. Decontamination

The porosity of concrete allows it to readily absorb moisture and contaminants, allowing bacteria to build up.

Just as it is vital that the floors in commercial kitchens, hospitals, bars and schools be impervious, it is no less important in the home. Too often we lull ourselves into taking less care in the cleaning and sanitising of our kitchens floors than we should. If we are doing the job properly it is hard work cleaning grout, edges and seams. It is so easy to tell yourself, “I’ll get back to that”.

Grout joins on tiles, scratches, cracks, and poorly laid linoleum are absolute havens for germs and bacteria growth.

With an iCOAT Polyurea seamless floor coating you can almost de-contaminate your wet area floors. The clean-up of fats, oils and chemicals is a breeze compared to the surfaces of traditional floor coverings.

iCOAT floor coatings are just that, COATINGS not sealers. It is common for people to believe that by using a sealer it is sufficient protection but it is not. Some really expensive sealers can be reasonably resistant to spills but they are porous and will eventually fail to some degree. Sealers do wear and will require regular re-coating in order to maintain some protection.
iCOAT Polyurea is a coating that bonds with the surface of the concrete and due to its chemical resistance it is resistant to rising damp which in turn prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

4. Aesthetics

Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials for both public and private buildings, it is found in most facilities today.
However, concrete is naturally a dull grey and because of this it is often seen as unattractive and uninspiring.

Flooring aesthetics play a major role in the overall feel of a space. Quality coatings provide a solution that is pleasing to look at as well as very functional.
iCOAT concrete coatings offer a wide variety of beautiful finishes. The task of choosing can be difficult.

There are solid plain colours, our Diamond Coat alternative to expensive polished concrete the Terrazzo style Flake flooring system and all are available in a wide choice of finishes. They are simply the best when comes to looks and durability.

5. Dust and Safety

One really good reason to coat your concrete floor is dust. A high quality floor coating has anti-dust properties.

Dust on concrete floors comes not only from outside but is also created by the cement itself in the form of a powder that it sheds.
When you walk on an unsealed concrete floor it is very easy to stir up the dust and walk it inside.

From a health viewpoint it is important that you do not inhale the dust. When you inhale the dust, silica particles can scar your lungs, causing a disabling, irreversible, and incurable disease called Silicosis.

When it comes to safety, coating your concrete floor gives you choices on finish and safety. Simple spills of just about any liquid can make a concrete floor very hazardous. We discuss your requirements and planned use of the surface coating with you to establish the degree of non-slip required. The type of finish whether you choose to have matt, satin, or gloss can make a difference to how lighting affects the entire area. For example if you choose a finish with too much reflection or not enough it can have an adverse effect on staff performance and health. The wrong finish can create problems with existing lighting, imagine having to install additional lighting in a factory setting when the correct choice of floor finish could be all that is needed to brighten things up without incurring ongoing increased power costs.

At iCOAT we provide the correct advice and assist in selecting the appropriate finish. Not every product will suit all conditions and applications.

As industry leaders and specialists in our field we will guide you and work with you to obtain the best outcome.