Diamond Coat is a fantastic cost-effective option to Polished Concrete.

Do you like the look of polished concrete but find it hard to justify the cost and are not sure which way to go. You can have the same look with an alternate process! iCOAT’s Diamond Coat is an alternative to Polished Concrete without the hefty price tag. In fact, Diamond Coat is approximately half the price of Polished Concrete.
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Diamond Coat Quote

    A little-known fact of Polished Concrete is that it will stain if a substance is spilt on it and allowed to sit longer than 15 minutes or so. The liquid will pool for a short time; however, it will start to penetrate and or soak into the concrete after this time. WHY ? – because a sealer is applied during the final application process and SEALERS are porous. Diamond Coat is a COATING and our COATING’s are not porous, so no need to worry.

    SEALERS are also sacrificial, meaning that they wear away and require ongoing reapplication. As Diamond Coat is a COATING there is no requirement for annual or regular recoating.

    Polished Concrete is a long process involving many labour hours including more than ten grinding and polishing stages using various grades of grit and the application of a densifier and a sealer.

    Chemical densifiers are applied to both polished and non-polished concrete floors to try and seal them against liquids and reduce dusting. In a nutshell, a concrete densifier is a chemical hardener which acts as a pore filler.

    Polished concrete takes 4-5 days depending on the size of the floor or the area of concrete to be polished.

    Polished concrete if done properly with no quality shortcuts is not only time consuming and messy but also costly.

    With a Diamond Coat system from iCOAT, you can achieve a remarkably similar look with the added benefit of 100% UV stability, low maintenance, chemical and stain resistance, non-porous and no waxing or refinishing required. Plus, it is long-wearing and all for a fraction of the time and cost of Polished Concrete.

    The iCOAT Diamond Coat system is hard-wearing and looks fantastic. Depending on the concrete hardness it is ground with either 30-50-80 grit metal bond diamonds to remove the concrete laitance, exposing the concrete’s personality.

    The second step includes grinding with 120 grit metal bond diamonds to remove any scratches. Most applications do not require more than the final 120 grit metal bond diamond grinding.

    If the concrete is particularly porous or pitted a grout coat can be applied prior to the first step. This is an optional extra.

    The third step is to tend to any repairs. Yes, we can repair any chips in your concrete, however, as with Polished Concrete, any repairs will be visible as we are applying a clear coat. We do use a clear amber product to do this, so as not to draw your eye towards the repair.

    The fourth step sees the application of the first coat of our exclusive Poly 1 or Poly 2 Ultra COATING. This first coat is then allowed to dry which takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

    The fifth and final step sees the application of the second coat of our exclusive Poly 1 COATING, with or without maximum UDP loading depending on the desired gloss level. This second coat is applied on the same day as we want to apply the COATING within the chemical window to achieve the maximum bond between the two coats.

    Further coats can be applied on request if the floor is expecting heavy use. For example, if substantial traffic is expected via commercial or industrial usage.
    You will be able to walk on the floor in as little as 12 hours after we apply the final topcoat. After 24 hours of the final topcoat being applied the floor can be returned to full normal service.

    Due to its unique chemical makeup and the manufacturing process, the iCOAT COATING provides exceptional protection with a crystal-clear finish. It is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and caustic materials. Low odour and minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) ECO – Friendly content allow for interior applications where chemical, and abrasion-resistant finishes are required.

    Diamond Coat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, due to its UV stability. We can also make it Anti Slip by adding our UDP additive into the final topcoat. In fact, it has been independently tested with an R11 rating with water contact.

    To sum it all up, iCOAT’s Diamond Coat system is the best Polished Concrete alternative on the market. It can be applied directly to concrete without fear of delamination. It is easy to maintain and available in Gloss, Satin or Matt, and Anti- Slip. And just as importantly it is very cost-effective making it an ideal choice for domestic, commercial or industrial clients alike.

    Use The below guidelines to Get A Rough Understanding of the M² of the Area You Wish to Coat:



    Thanks to the guys from iCOAT WA my new garage floor is unbelievable!  It not only looks great! it feels really nice on my bare feet and most of all, easy to keep clean. They coated the floor in 1 day and I have to say there was no smell or odours like they assured me.

    Well done Guys.

    Hamilton Hill

    Kane and his team are very customer focused and the rental property we engaged iCOAT WA to sand and coat proved a challenge due to the age and hardness of the slab.  But Kane and his team worked longer to achieve an excellent finish

    at the original price, very happy!


    18 months ago I decided to rip up the carpets and tiles and get my concrete floors polished. I went with a smaller operator thinking they would be cheaper – big mistake, they totally messed it up. iCOAT in Osborne Park came to the rescue and managed to fix the stuff up. Had I put them in the mix In the first place, I would have found that they were cheaper. My advice to anybody is to please get a quote from them and if they aren’t the cheapest,  please do your homework before opting for someone else.

    They were absolutely brilliant!


    The boys have done a great job, I really like it. Also, the fact that they corrected an issue (that I wasn’t really aware of) with no fuss or bother, very professional.  The guys were very respectful of our house with its unusual access, made more difficult by paving work, and they went about the entire job in a skilled,  expert and courteous manner, one I don’t experience very often dealing with many trades on our projects. Again, thanks for a BRILLIANT job.

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