We can design an epoxy concrete floor coating system to suit your needs or budget. When you need a hard-wearing concrete floor coating call the specialists at iCOAT WA.

We have been applying coatings to commercial and industrial concrete floors for many years.
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    Our commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings are second to none. We only use high solid, low VOC products that ensure your get the optimum result. Couple this with our BEST PRACTICE preparation methods and you get the result that you are after.

    Our job site preparation is unmatched as is the quality and standard of the materials we use. We will either dry diamond grind or shot blast depending on the size of the job and of course the concrete hardness. This process is just as important as the quality product we use. Professional preparation is paramount to getting the correct result ever time.

    As part of our FREE onsite measuring process, we will conduct both moisture and concrete hardness tests. The moisture test allows us to get an understanding of the concrete moisture. If it is too high a coating will not stick and delaminate, so it is an important test. The concrete hardness test determines how hard the concrete is, which allows us to professionally grind the concrete ready for the first of our coatings. We can also repair any chip and crack etc. with our rapid set Polyurea compound that dries rock hard in minutes.

    No matter what you use your floor for we can design an epoxy floor coating system that complies with all of today’s audit and accreditation requirements.

    We use only the best quality products available including Epoxy, Polyurea and Polyaspartic. All the products we use offer a quick return to service because we know you need to get back on your floor ASAP.

    We meet the highest OH & S standards including HACCP, AQIS, TGA, making it ideal for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Warehousing, Veterinary, Medical and all general use.

    Some of the many features and benefits

    • Chemical, temperature and Impact resistant
    • Long term durability
    • Asset protection
    • Value for money
    • Impervious and slip resistant
    • Seamless finish and waterproof
    • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean
    • Chemical and abrasion resistant
    • Fire resistant
    • VOC Free and ECO friendly
    • Traffic and mechanical wear (Forklifts etc.)

    All businesses have different requirements and at iCOAT we go out of our way to assist. We are involved in assessing the job, planning and design, floor preparation and application.

    We work closely with our clients, with builders and architects to achieve the best outcomes for your needs.

    Let’s have a chat about what you need from your floor. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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    Use The below guidelines to Get A Rough Understanding of the M² of the Area You Wish to Coat:


    Head of Maintenance The West Australian

    To whom it may concern, The West Australian Newspapers has had ongoing issues with the coating on our vast areas of concrete within our premises. Over the years no coating has stood up to the wear and tear that we require, in what is a heavy traffic environment. We are searching for a coating that will stand up to the heavy machine and foot traffic that our floors are exposed too. AT our request iCOAT WA laid a sample patch of their concrete floor coating system. To date (12 months later) this coating has outperformed the other 2 sample patched that have been laid. I would recommend iCOAT WA range of floor coating system for any area that demands a quality floor coating product.

    Singapore Flying College Jandakot

    10 out of 10

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