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While most people fully understand that there may often be a need to maintain, or even replace equipment and machinery in industrial facilities such as factories, manufacturing units, and warehouses, there is another part of these buildings every bit as important, and that is the floor.

Industrial floors might not be the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think of industrial maintenance, however, as anyone responsible for these types of locations will testify, a damaged floor can be deadly.

Making Industrial Floors Safe

If you think of the myriad of functions that can take place in industrial settings, many of them involve heavy tools and machinery, as well as the movement of goods and equipment. If the floor is damaged, it is a huge risk to anyone who walks on it, with trips, slips, and falls all possible as a result.

Arguably the most effective solution to an industrial floor that needs to be replaced is to have a new concrete floor coating applied to it. At iCOAT WA we have one of the highest reputations for top quality concrete floor products, and our levels of service have led to us growing every year, thanks to our customers recommending us to their associates.

Our Industrial Concrete Floor Coating Products

We have three main concrete floor products suitable for industrial facilities, which are:

Industrial Grade Epoxy Perth
  • Epoxy Floor Coating: Due to its popularity, this is our #1 product which has the ability to turn poor and damaged industrial floors into hardwearing surfaces that are safe, thanks to their non-slip capabilities.
  • Flake Floors: Created with many of the same qualities as our epoxy floors, flake floors give you the means to have a floor that is more attractive, thanks to the design options which the flakes allow for.
  • Diamond Coat Floors: This is a budget-friendly option for resurfacing industrial floors which is non-porous and thus ideal for areas prone to spillages as it can protect the porous concrete underneath it.

Benefits of iCOAT WA Industrial Floors

Whilst there may only be one reason why your industrial floors might need to replaced or refinished, when you choose us to install our floor products, you get several advantages due to the many benefits that our floor coatings provide.

  • Durable and Tough: Industrial facilities floors work incredibly hard, we can design a suitable floor coating system that works for you. One that is durable and tough and meets with your OHS requirements also.
  • Resistant to Chemicals: Industrial facilities often require the use of many different chemicals, liquids, lubricants. and solvents and any one of them may occasionally be spilled or drip on to the floor. We can design a coating system to withstand these, thus ensuring that no damage is done to the coating itself, or the concrete floor beneath them.
  • Non-Slip: The obligation to make an industrial facility safe is uppermost for business owners, and that applies to making sure the floor is safe. iCOAT WAs industrial floor coatings may look smooth to the eye, but the surfaces are non-slip and thus each step anyone takes as they walk across it should be secure.
  • Easy To Maintain: Some of the machinery that your business uses may need complex and regular maintenance, but that will not be the case with our industrial floors. They require minimal maintenance, so sweeping them clean, and mopping them to remove marks or spillages is all that is needed.


Medora Bay

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I can definitely recommend Paul and the iCoat floor coating system. It has transformed my garage into an area I’m very proud to show off. My wife and I are looking forward to using it in the future as an entertaining area and an extra space for the family to hang out. The finish is superb. The process of making it all happen was dead simple and I found Paul to be prompt, reliable, and polite.


Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Just recently had Paul and his team put down the ‘Yabbi Creek’ over a large tiled area inside the house. Couldn’t be happier with the result. Where were also on a tight time frame which the guys were able to achieve for us. Throughout the whole experience Paul was a real professional providing frank honest advice and fast and efficient communication from quoting to updating on jobs progress. Highly recommend to all. Absolute pleasure to deal with.


Very Efficient. Paul Came out to quote within days of getting my inquiry. The price was very competitive, but what impressed me the most was the professionalism of the installation team. They did an amazing job, quickly and to a high standard. They left no rubbish and were courteous at all times. THANK YOU!!


Very knowledgeable and thorough staff who all take great pride in their work. Fantastic result, very happy with the garage floor!

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