Coating Options

What are the different floor coatings available?

Concrete paint, epoxy, acrylic sealer, nonslip or Polyurea? What to choose and where to get the best advice? It really comes down to what is going to suit the situation and what qualities you want from the finished product. Which coating ticks all the boxes that are important to you.

The first thing I would like to suggest is that although price is very important be sure that you are getting what you pay for. A low price for the top of the range product should be questioned.

Create a list of criteria that will help you decide if a particular coating and applicator is able to meet your demands.

Let us look at the two most popular floor coatings used on the market today and make a direct comparison between them.

Polyurea and Epoxy

Polyurea really does reign supreme yet Epoxy can still be a good coating.

Polyurea is 4 times more flexible than epoxy and up to 20 times stronger.

Polyurea can be UV protected

Hot tyres can lift epoxy

Polyurea is chemical resistant to oils, petrol and salt

Downtime is much less when applying Polyurea

Almost no smell with Polyurea, due to its high solid content

The life expectancy of Polyurea exceeds epoxy

From my point of view the choice is easy. From a value for money perspective Polyurea stands out ahead by far.