Our Prices start at $40.00 per square metre M² and go up to $120.00m2.
Now, this estimate has a wide range in price due to some very important factors:

  1.  No two floors are the same in regards to the concrete hardness, moisture content, repairs required and access.
  2. The overall M² size of the floor to be coated.
  3. The type of floor coating system best suited or being applied.

So the initial cost of the coating system you choose, combined with the amount of work involved in prepping the concrete greatly influences the total cost of the job.

Hence the problem with trying to provide an online price for a service that involves many variables, it’s just not that easy to do so.

The best way to get a more closely approximated quote is to give our office a call and speak directly with one of the floor coating team.

Alternatively, you could send us an email through our “Get A Quote Form” or use the form on our “Contact Us” page. Either way, you will quickly get the answers you are looking for.

We only use and work with quality products and one of the many benefits of using these types of products is the RETURN TO SERVICE or when you can you walk on the newly coated floor.

The RETURN TO SERVICE time (while not always crucial), is determined by the quality of the coating applied. An important part of getting back on your floor quickly is getting back to trading as quickly as possible or back to living your normal life. Or if yours is a business the term  “time is money” comes to mind.

After we have applied the final topcoat our floors
Will take foot traffic in 6 -8 hours
Will take items back on the floor in 8-12 hours
Will take vehicle traffic in 1 to 2 days

All the products we use, will transform your floor space from a dull and boring piece of concrete into a visual show piece that will not only add value to you investment, it will make a difference to those who work there.

Before we apply your chosen coating system we will dry captive mechanically diamond grind or shot blast the concrete and conduct any necessary repairs such as cracks and chips.

Therefore, improving your floor space even before our floor coating product has been applied.

We offer many different colour options within our range of floor coating systems. However, the choice of coating system you choose, will determine the overall aesthetic outcome of your new floor.

The products we use are chosen for their many great qualities, and have the strength & endurance required to be resistant towards the sort of wear & tear you can expect in any busy & productive floor be it domestic, commercial or large industrial floor space.

Our application techs will instruct you on how long to wait before you can access your floor again.

If you want the highest grade finish, with the greatest strength + durability + chemical/oil spill resistance, along with fastest cure times, then choose from our range of Epoxy, Polyaspartic or Polyurea floor coating systems.

Your Current Floor Condition Needs To Be Appraised 1st

  • How old is your floor?
  • Does it have cracks in it?
  • To what extent do these cracks affect the overall integrity of the floor?
  • Is the surface pitted or badly chipped?
  • Has there been chemical or oil spills in the past that have stained the surface?
  • Is there a lot of paint spills or splatter on the surface?
  • Has it had a coating or sealer applied to it previously?
  • Is the composition of the floor extremely hard or does it have a powdery texture?
  • Does your concrete hold excessive moisture?

Determining the current condition of your floor requires all these questions being answered first. However, once they have been, this appraisal will form part of the overall costing and quotation for us to supply you with your new floor.

We Only Use & Sell The Highest Quality Products Available!

We are focused on only ever using the best quality products available to us. All floor coating products are not the same and there really are some low quality products out there. We will only ever apply a quality high solid / low VOC floor coating product onto your floor.

Our product research teams are constantly on the lookout for product improvements, or emerging new technologies that will continue to build on our solid reputation for only ever using the very best available products.

You can be assured that the products we use to coat your floor, will always live up to, and exceed your expectations for the quality of the finish to your floor.

When It All Comes Together!

By choosing the right type of floor coating system for your new floor, including the right style & colour of the finish, you will always get the most out of your newly treated space.

And when this, your new floor coating is applied by a skilled team of professional applicators, you will have the peace of mind that will help protect your investment.

Our tools of trade. We always DRY DIAMOND GRIND the concrete surface regardless if it is OLD or NEW.

Why: Because it is a crucial requirement to ensure a long life of your NEW floor coating. It is also BEST PRACTICE and one that we religiously follow.

One of the most important aspects of a successful concrete floor coating system is proper floor preparation. If you don’t take the time to properly prepare the floor, any concrete floor coating system will fail. The iCOAT WA difference includes a commitment to the best floor preparation equipment available. We have made a huge investment in top quality equipment because we know this the best way to deliver the highest quality floor possible.

We use only commercial grade equipment and products — that we own — so you can have confidence your floor will last. Beware of concrete floor applicators that use rented or residential-grade equipment.

When it comes to preparing concrete having the right tools is absolutely essential. Having the correct set of Diamond tooling to get the best result from your concrete is also vital. We ensure that we arrive to every job with the best concrete tools and up to date preparation methods, to ensure that we prepare your concrete surface to the professional level required ready to receive the first of our coatings.