Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Floors

When you need a hard- wearing concrete floor coating call the specialists at iCOAT WA.

Our Epoxy industrial floor coatings are second to none.

Our job site preparation is unmatched as is the quality and standard of the materials we use.

iCOAT epoxy floor coatings are ideal for use anywhere an impervious non-slip surface is required.

No matter what the purpose, our floor coating systems comply with all todays audit and accreditation requirements.

We meet the highest OH & S standards including HACCP, AQIS, TGA, making it ideal for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Warehousing, Veterinary, Medical and all general use.

Features and Benefits

Chemical, Temperature and Impact resistant.

Long term durability

Asset protection

Value for money

Impervious and slip resistant

Seamless finish and waterproof

Low maintenance

Chemical and abrasion resistant

Fire resistant

VOC Free

Traffic and mechanical wear (Forklifts etc.)

All businesses have different requirements and at iCOAT we go out of our way to assist. We are involved in assessing the job, planning and design, floor preparation and application.

We work closely with our clients, with builders and architects to achieve the best outcomes for your needs.

Concrete Hardness Testing

The Hardness of concrete is its compressive strength measured in Pounds per Square Inch.

Special test hammers are used to determine the surface hardness of the concrete. It is non-destructive and the quickest and simplest method to ascertain the quality of the concrete.

It is important to be sure that a concrete floor is sufficiently hard to ensure that the application of any type of coating is going to adhere well and be durable. The last thing you need is a floor coating that has not adhered well to the substrate.